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GCC Grade Products

Ground calcium carbonate (GCC) grade limestone is formed by natural crystallization from seawater or sedimentation of the sea animal shells. Therefore, GCC grade limestone has a very small sparkling effect as crystal. Most of the GCC grade limestone are white and grey in colour and the grey colour may be the result of impurities within the stone itself.


Due to enhancement of technology and cost reduction, the application of GCC is getting broader in various industries where the demand for GCC has been increased over time. Thus, with our high production level we may be able to ease strong market demand.

GCC grade reserve in Hyper Act Marketing are suitable to provide us an opportunity to produces high quality crushed limestone and fine powder. The crushing plant operation in Hyper Act Marketing is expected to commence by November 2015. The main product will be GCC grade crushed limestone in three different sizes as below:-

1) < 10mm
2) 10 – 40mm
3) 40 – 60mm

On the other hand, our GCC powder plant is planned to produce several sizes of coated and uncoated products. For more information and further discussion, please leave a message @ Contact Us.