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PCC Grade Limestone

In general, precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) grade limestone are naturally in light grey color and possibly with some soils if unwashed. Calcium oxide (CaO) or commonly known as quicklime is produced by calcination process of limestone. However, the grey color on its surface will not affect the quality of quicklime. The quality is measured by the content of CaO where higher percentage of CaO represents better quality.


PCC is unique because of its flexibility of shapes which allows it to act as an additive in different industries such as paper, plastic, rubber, sealants etc. In order to utilise the performance for the end application, PCC can be formulated into different shapes and allows the end users to gain the advantage of maximising the physical properties resulted from the shapes.

Our reserve for PCC grade limestone has been proven to be one of the high quality limestone in Malaysia. We mainly produce crushed limestone in three different sizes as below:-

1) < 35mm
2) 35 – 50mm
3) 50 – 90mm

Our clients’ requirement are always welcome for discussion and consideration. Currently, we are mainly supplying our products to domestic market. Nevertheless, we are also striving to increase our international market share in various countries. For more information and further discussion, please leave a message @ Contact Us.